Wrestle School is a series created by WrestleToyMania. It takes place in a classroom. It was created June 29 2011.


Dr. Squish, the teacher. Opens up a wrestle school for any wrestler, as long as they have a reason. He then have activites for the wrestlers to do, while teaching.


The school has many chairs (books) in which three wrestlers sit to a seat. Mostly friends. The teacher has an answer key on his desk. Which his desk is a huge book. There is an entrance stage, which is a Bamboo Tablet box with TV screens made out of tin foil. There is a ramp, which is the ramp for SST toy cars. There is also tin foil inside. The school buses are an Old Dutch Mini Potato chip bags box. Which is painted like a red truck.

Characters (In order)Edit

(See Wrestle School Characters)

Dr. Squish: The teacher of the wrestlers. He is not very smart.

Dude Love/ or Fake Dude Love: Either Mick Foley or Steven Richards, he is a hippie that is a handyman.

D-Von Dudley: A man who talks in a deep voice, he always says WOO HOO and destroys the entrance stage.

Bubba Ray Dudley: He is very nice, but commanding, he gives Dr. Squish a present, which he burns.

Spike Dudley: A nice person, who cares about his girlfriend. He is disliked. He is made out of paper.

John Cena: A rapper who raps whenever he can. He wants to be a role-model for kids.

Molly Holly: A crazy woman who doesn't like to talk. She screams in an evil voice. She talks in a high voice.

Wubba Tay: A duplicate of Bubba Ray, he is very hip, and likes to dance. Teachers like him the most.

Boogie Man: A guy who always wants to "get" people.

Lita: Matt Hardy's girlfriend. She is afraid of the Boogie Man.

Kurt Angle: The olympic hero. He built the entrance stage, and fixes it. He is the best student.

Kane: Very sensitive. He thinks he is pretty, he always says "That's a hippie!" whenever Dude Love is around.

Bret Hart: A guy who is not very active. He lays down most of the time.

Matt Hardy: Always mistaken as his brother Jeff. He is always bored and doesn't care about school.

Eddie Guerrero: A man who likes to lie, cheat, and steal. He wants to annoy the teacher.

Rey Mysterio: He likes to laugh, and wants to be a role-model for kids like John Cena.

Billy Gunn: A guy who likes to brag about his butt. He is friends with Biggy and Rikky.

Big Show: Or Biggy. Is a friend of Rikky and Billy. He loves his butt. He is very crazy.

Rikishi: Or Rikky. Is a friend of Billy and Biggy. He is obsessed with his butt, and insane.


It is unknown why Spike, Molly, and Lita are paper.

They must know that they are toys, on how Spike says "It's when you are paper".

Dr. Squish, Biggy, and sometimes Dude Love are voiced by a girl.

Biggy and Rikky made their own album.

Dude Love does not care when Kane says "That's a hippie!"

Matt Hardy is always mistaken as Jeff Hardy, no matter how many times he yells "I'm Matt!".