Name: Travis Gender: Male Species:Cat

Travis is an overworked blue male cat with red eyes. He probably was supposed to be evil, but was never in contact with evil, or his eyes are red because of being overworked. Travis has many jobs to work at, with only two co workers Sata and Horace. He made his debut in Pepper and Kad episode "Beach party" as part of a crowd saying "Woo hoo". He then appeared in "Invasion" as a news reporter. He has made other apperances at any job. He is mostly a clerk, but in "Aliens Attack" he was a police officer. He is mainly employed at the



Travis is drawn like all other cats in the series, he is blue and has red eyes.


In "Field Trip" Travis could not go to his job to tour the class, but when the class lined up for the bus, he was one of the students.

Travis must recieve low pay since Kad asked Roger why Travis is poor.

Travis has a different job in every episode.

Travis must be one of Pepper's friends because in "Band" he was in Pepper's house.

Travis is an adoptable, which means he was created and given by someone else.