The Stick Figure Arcade is an animation series by Floppy98x42. It was made June 28 2009. The series is about stick figures. Most of which, they die and moves onto another small clip.

Exposition StatmentEdit

The series starts out by a man walking, and picks up a bomb that explodes. Then another clip appears, and takes place during a bank robbery. The animation was done on Clip Book an animation game on Cartoon Network's website. The series then moved to Paint a drawing program, using the rules of Stop motion.

End of Season 1Edit

During episode 12, the end of the season. It showed all of season 1's episodes. Then the Elite Stick Figure Arcade was made.

End and come backEdit

During The Floppy98x42 Depression. The Stick Figure Arcade ended quickly. No new episodes were made for months. But March 2011 The Elite Stick Figure Arcade came back, and new episodes are being made.