The Floppy98x42 Depression (Based on The Great Depression) is when there was a crash, and the insights of Floppy98x42 were at their lowest.

The DepressionEdit

The period began April 26 2009. (The reports were posted during the end) During that period which went into 2010 at the end some videos were made and The Stick Figure Arcade was cancelled. Floppy was too later on.
Shocking news

Shocking news

The video shown was the first post of the depression. The other one "I ran out of ideas to make videos" Is the second
I ran out of ideas to make videos!

I ran out of ideas to make videos!


During the first episode of Floppy, it got 100 views in the first 2 weeks, then the insights were at its highest, for the first 10 videos the average views were around 50-100.


The 11th video of Floppy98x42 started the depression. With only 16 views the insights dropped rapidly. With only very few videos making past the 100 view mark. The average view was 7-20 views per video.


After a while, the views started to climb back into the place it was supposed to be in, the average video view became 17-60 views per video, some video views climbed to one of the higest of the channel. Slowly the depression went into resession, and stopped. The insights were back to normal.

Falling back into depressionEdit

The insights were rising back up, but then July 29 2009 after a video that reached over the 90 views, the insights dropped rapidly again. Even lower than the the first depression. During the middle of the second depression the insights went rapidly up and was well, before dropping again. Floppy states that "It will take 15 years for all my videos to reach 100 views" and that "My animations only get 30 views and they stop".

The depression endsEdit

August 29 2010 (2 days after "I ran out of ideas to make videos") The Depression ended, the insights climbed back up to normal, with many videos reaching the 100 view mark (over 400 is the highest) The depression was over. Many videos hit over 100 views.

The Depression starts to begin again in 2011Edit

The Floppy depression is on the verge of starting again right after the video "Nice Day" the views have plummeted. Floppy says that the pattern is beginning again, 30 views a video, then it stops forever. This started September 16 2011, the 1 year anniversary of Pepper and Kad, since then the views dropped rapidly. The fear is that it will get worse and worse. Floppy says that "I hope to not make another video about leaving since the same exact thing is happening 1 year after the second depression".


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