Name: Sky Gender: Male Species: Cat An old picture of Sky

Sky is a character in Pepper and Kad he made his debut in episode "Invasion". Sky is homless (called a bum). His design is similar to Thomas. He thinks he is strong, but is weak. He seems to live in an alley, his telephone is a brick, so he must of stolen a box with a cell phone in it.


Sky is similar to Thomas' design he has blue fur, a white curly stripe, and a stripe going down his side.


There has been confusions about his gender, because Sky is similar to Skye which a name usally females have. Also some things he does is girlyish, but it has been stated that Sky was a male.


  • Sky was supposed to be Pepper's son, but in a picture, Pepper was pointing at Thomas. So this idea was left out.
  • Sky was made because some of Herman Korny's friends had a characters with a similar name (There was Skye and Skys)
  • Sky can probably teleport on how in "Invasion" he appeared in Pepper's house and when Pepper asked, Sky just said he just did.