Name: Sata Gender: Male (See gender section) Species: Cat

Sata (pronounced SAT-UH) is a character in Pepper and Kad , he often appears either a classmate, a worker, or just part of a crowd, he appears often, the episode which he has had a main role is "Commercial" in which he helped Pepper and Kad with their commercial. Sata is a a Christmas Fursona (means to be a main character when it comes to holidays.) Sata is a co worker of Travis, but has more free time.


Sata has a white patch covering his face, chest, and stomach. He has either a gold or dark yellow around the white patch. He has green eyes. He has a little "Santa" hat on his tail. He has a red patches on his paws.


There has been mistakes that Sata was female and was in love with Travis and that he looks more of a girl, and that he was supposed to be female, because he was an adoptable and was claimed by someone, but a mistake happened and Floppy98x42 got her (he was a she at the time). His gender then was changed and his name was changed to Sata. He is a minor character that appears very often, he is planned to become a main character.


All the workers in the workforce has an eye color (Travis: Red Horace: Blue Sata: Green)

  • Sata is an adoptable, meaning that he was created by someone else and can be claimed.
  • Sata's name is Santa without the "n".
  • Sata was supposed to be female but was changed.