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Pepper With Kad

(Left) Kad (Right) Pepper, are the series main characters .

Pepper and Kad, or Pepper & Kad, is an American online animated series by Herman Korny with Fever Studios and Floppy Films (both are a small group where the upcoming episodes are planned). The series is aired on Youtube in user Floppy98x42. The plot is about two fictional characters, who are, Pepper, a blue tiger that is not self-aware and at some points has very low intelligence. Kad is a small blue piece of lint that wears a "top hat" who is more wary and knows more than Pepper. There are currently 22 (23 respectively with a special) episodes since early April 2011 and two season.

The Series

The series was created September 16, 2010 by Herman Korny, a young animator. The series started with an episode called "Summer Halloween" where Pepper and Kad go trick or treating. The setting takes place in a fictional town of "Lakeside City" somewhere in Minnesota. The first Episode "Pepper and Kad- Road Adventure" features Pepper and Kad along with their friend Lard (who is watching a destroyed television with a sign that says " Lard remember do not use a hammer.") Pepper and Kad often say their catch phrase "Woo hoo!"


The first 9 episode's introduction is just simply "Pepper and Kad" in a large font while episodes, 10, 12, 13 14, 15, 16, and 17 (11 is a special) and so on have an introduction with music with Pepper popping up on the left side of the screen then goes to the right side of the screen, and Kad just walking backwards with his eyes closed and stopping in the middle of the screen and raising his arms to let lightning strike then the old theme appears.


These are the common characteristics of the most commonly used characters. All voices by Herman Korny.

  • Pepper: A male blue tiger that often causes chaos around him. He has low self awareness and intelligence, but yet reads a lot. He is a terrible driver.
  • Kad: A male blue dust bunny (or lint) with a black "top hat" that is a little bit more wary and smarter than Pepper is.

    Characters (Bottom Left to Bottom right) Sky, Butter, Travis, Kad, and Pepper. (Top left to right) Herman, Thomas, Rosie, Lard, Cheese, Maggie, and Miolet.

  • Cheese: (Also known as P8 or P8O6O2P) Is a humanoid from another planet that was abducted when he was born and was told that he is a "Moon Alien" his plots are to take over the Earth, but fails due to distractions.
  • Thomas and Rosie: (Thomas male, Rosie female) are Pepper's adopted children Thomas is a cat with a strange personality that does strange things. Rosie is a female cat with red hair that has almost the same personality as her brother; Thomas (they are the same age)
  • Lard: A male duck who is always in a irritable state he is often annoyed with Pepper and Kad's actions.
  • Maggie: A female dog who is kind, intelligent and willing to help.
  • Sky: A male cat that does not have a home, he is Pepper and Kad's best friend, he helps them when they need help the most.
  • Butter: A male tiger nicknamed Typer. Butter is one of Pepper's best friends. He is always wearing a red cap.
  • Miolet: A female llama who is very kind and sensitive. She always is wearing a pink sweater.
  • Travis: A blue cat with red glowing eyes that often runs every business (Once appeared to work at "Mc Duckalds" and was a captain and teacher.

List of episodes

  • Summer Halloween very funny: Perhaps the first episode even though there is no theme. Pepper and Kad goes trick-or-treating
  • Pepper and Kad- Road Adventure: Pepper and Kad goes on a road trip.
  • Pepper and Kad- Beach Party: Pepper and Kad are invited to a beach party.
  • Pepper and Kad- Invasion: Pepper and Kad must protect the city from an alien invasion.
  • Pepper and Kad- Space advenure: Pepper accidentally makes the house drift into outer space.
  • Pepper and Kad- Middle School: Pepper and Kad start their first day at a Junior High School.
  • Pepper and Kad- Band: Pepper adopts new babies and found that he can sing.
  • Pepper and Kad- Prison: Pepper and Kad are accused of murder and sent to prison.
  • Pepper and Kad- "Zombie": Pepper and Kad finds a monster hidden in their cruise ship.
  • Pepper and Kad- Birthday: Pepper and Kad throws a party for their friend.
  • Pepper and Kad- Double party: Thomas is invited to a fancy dinner while Pepper and Kad are invited to a water party.
  • Pepper and Kad- Halloween: Pepper and Kad prepare for trick-or-treating
  • Pepper and Kad- Stuck in a game: Pepper and Kad are trapped in an arcade game with poor animating and quality.
  • Pepper and Kad- Commercial: Kad decides to make a commercial to advertise their "Youtube" channel.
  • Pepper and Kad- Kad is sick: Kad becomes ill and Pepper needs to make him feel better.
  • Pepper and Kad- Mint the wolf girl: Mint the wolf girl goes to get a makeover to impress her friends.
  • Pepper and Kad- Bank: Pepper and Kad learns about what the bank does with their savings.
  • Pepper and Kad- Thomas' discovery: Thomas discovers the family album. (Re-uploaded)
  • Pepper and Kad- Other Plans: Pepper and Kad are hired by Travis for a substitute teacher.
  • Pepper and Kad- Rosaline's Music Class: Pepper and Kad audition for a band.
  • Pepper and Kad- Birthday Sleepover: Pepper, Kad, and China sneak into a "girls only" Slumber party.
  • Pepper and Kad- End of season (Picnic)- Pepper and Kad celebrate the season finale.
  • Pepper and Kad- Happy Birthday Beeswax79- Pepper, Kad, and China celebrate Kari's birthday.
  • Pepper and Kad- Field Trip- Pepper and Kad go on a field trip to Chorey Bill.
  • Pepper and Kad- How to take a test: The creator talks about taking a test, and to take one.
  • Pepper and Kad- The Swears Are Ill: The Swears-A-Lot are sick and need to seee a doctor.
  • Pepper and Kad- Into Town: Pepper and Kad explore the wonders inside their town of Lakeside city.
  • (The Rest will now be here List of Pepper and Kad episodes )

Each episode is about 2–7 minutes long each.

The filming and cast

Most of the voices are done by Herman Korny but there are guest speakers that voice once in a while.

Also seen on

Pepper and Kad also are two of the main characters in The Blob Forest

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