Pepper's photo. Name: Pepper Gender: Male Species: Blue Tiger

Pepper or Pepper The Tiger is a blue tiger from Pepper and Kad and The Blob Forest, and other Floppy98x42 films. He is 12 Centi-years. He acts immature but can be really smart.

Early LifeEdit

Pepper was first used June 21 2010, but was created in April. Pepper then went into the Blob Forest, and had a crush on Kintha, and Kintha seemed to have a crush on Pepper (later Pepper and Kintha are boyfriend and girlfriend). Pepper was shown to be involved with the military, because in "Origin" Pepper was one of the fighters to destroy an evil castle, and in "Invasion" Sky said that Kad was a sargent and Pepper was a warrior. Pepper is the father of Thomas and Rosie even though he is 12.


Pepper is drawn like most cats from the series, he has a white tuft "hair" on the top of his head. He has a pentagon shaped head (his ears make the shape) he has a light blue fur color, his tail is similar to a dog's, and is a lighter blue than his fur. He has 4 stripes on his side.

Drawing styleEdit


(Left) Pepper is drawn with a red collar and ears sticking out. (Middle) Pepper is drawn with three bumps on his head as the tuft of white fur, and head is a pentagon shape (Ears are on the side making the Pentagon shape) (Right) Pepper with black dots for eyes and a different tuft style.

Pepper's drawing style changed, he wore a red collar and he had two stripes on either side. The second shows his drawing with 3 bumps on his head that is the tuft of white fur. and only one side with stripes, the third shows Pepper with black dots for eyes, and a different tuft.

Pepper and KadEdit

In Pepper and Kad, Pepper is always seen with Kad, and hardly argues with him. Pepper and Kad does great in school (Their report cards were shown in an episode). They know that they have a show because they say in "The Swears Are Ill" "Pepper: You just interupted our whole show! Kad: Shame on you!" when Mr. Swears-A-Lot and Mrs. Swears-A-Lot somehow films theirselves after the theme, Mrs. Swears-A-Lot says "This episode is about us today" while her paw was covered with a censor annotation.

The Blob ForestEdit

Pepper and Kad are also in the Blob Forest, In the Blob Forest Pepper fell in love with Kintha and Kintha (probably) fell in love with him.


Pepper is voiced by Herman Korny (also known as Floppy98x42 or the creator of the show).


Pepper seems to be girly as shown in "Thomas' Discovery" and "Other Plans" he is teaching ballet with a skirt, and in "Beach Party" he somehow made a mistake and went into the girl's locker room.


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Awesome sauce

Pepper and Kad holding a bottle of Awesome Sauce.

Cheesy pizza

Pepper and Kad holding Pizza

High five

Pepper and Kad