The theme to Penguins.

Penguins is an animated series by Herman Korny, the series is aired on Youtube channel Floppy98x42. The series has currently 1 episode.


The series takes place in Club Penguin a snowy island. It takes place with the four main characters. Lolypop, Floppy, Floppy, and Spyer. With their adventures. The first episode called "Salsa anyone?" was made January 13th 2011. With Lolypop, Floppy, and Floppy greeting themselves. Then Floppy gets out a bowl of salsa and screams.


The theme for the first episode is simply "Penguins" but an animated theme is planned.


These are the main characters of Penguins.

  • Floppy: a male 12 year old light blue penguin that wears a sun hat.
  • Lolypop: A female yellow penguin who wears a pink sweatshirt.
  • Floppy: a male green penguin with rabbit ears.
  • Spyer: a male red penguin who wears a black sweatshirt and sun glasses
    Penguins characters

    (Left to right) Spyer, Floppy, Floppy, Lolypop.


List of episodesEdit

  • Penguins- Anyone want salsa?: Floppy causes trouble with his salsa bowl.


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