This is the penalties for breaking any of the rules. There will be the minor and major things. If you are breaking a rule you have a 50% risk of this Wiki being contacted.

Examples of a breaking a rule that is minor.

Not including references. (It's okay not to have them, but it is suggested to have them)

Posting 3 or less mean or rude comments.

Not reading the rules (link)

Deleting any important or unimportant articles.

Penalties: 1 warning, (for not including references, nothing will happen.). 1 warning means that in two more, you will be banned. If you have to keep being reminded to read the rules you will get one warning every time. If you do not post References, your article may be at risk to be deleted. If you post more than 3 mean comments, you will be banned from comments. If you delete a non-important article, you will be given 1 warning. IF you keep breaking the rules, then you will be asked to leave, either temporarily, or for good.


Edit war

Racing for badges

Deleting important pages


Deleting 2 articles for no reason.

Creating another account to replace a banned one.

Not getting permission after leaving

Breaking rules

Not getting permission.

Bad edits.

Penalties: For Edit War and Badge races you will get 2 warnings. If you delete an important page, (Rulesanythingthat teaches new people on AnimationPedia) You will be banned, no questions. For arguing you will be banned unless you have a reason, (More than 98% you will be banned for trolling). Deleting 2 or more article for no reason, you will be banned unless you can explain (75% of being banned). For replacing an another account, just to keep breaking rules, you will keep being banned. And Possibly Animationpedia to be contacted. If you do not get permission to come back after leaving, Animationpedia can be contacted, you can be asked to leave forever, you can be banned, you can be blocked, you can be banned from account creation. For breaking rules, some rules will have nothing happen, but you can be banned, blocked, asked to leave, or be deleted and not able to make another account. For not getting permission for deleting articles, etc, you can have all of these things happen. For bad edits, you will get warnings, but most likely be asked to leave forever.

Penalty for Advertising incorrectly.

You may only advertise using advertise you may not advertise anywhere else but there. Any advertisment that is found somewhere else but advertise will be deleted and the writer will be contacted and will be given a warning in case of accidental misunderstanding. But if it happens again then a strict penalty of being blocked from editing will occur. If the advertisment is rude, mean, and contains bad or swear words then it will be taken down immedietly and the page will be locked. Please note that advertise is a privlege and if it is abused too much it will be locked forever and can only be looked at.