Mr. Swears-A-Lot. Name: Dabil Swears-A-Lot Gender: Male Species: Cat

Mr. Swears-A-Lot or Dabil is a character in Pepper and Kad. He is known for every sentence ending in a censor beep (hence his name). He works at the transportation department, he is a bus driver, taxi driver, pilot, captain, conductor. He is unhappy most of the time. He is the husband of Jackie (Mrs. Swears-A-Lot). He depises almost anyone.


His Apperance is a gray tuft of hair, and pentagon shaped head (ears make that shape). He wears a blue shirt with a yellow name tag, he is green, but changes color to moods (Green= normal Red= Rage Blue= Suprised Yello= Happy). As shown in Pepper and Kad "Field Trip" he turns blue as the bus tips over, and is red when he has to call for help. He has one unibrow and often times his mouth is an upside down "u" his eyes are not the usual black dots.


Dabil is probably crazy, since he was once yelling at a security camera to "Stop watching me". Whenever he swears, it is shown that the censor annotation comes out of no where without effects, as shown on the security camera, his mouth was censored without being edited. He overeacts to small things.


  • Dabil got his name from a letter that said Dabil on it.
  • His is crazy about money.
  • Dabil has a nice side on how he was thanking everyone paying their fares.
  • He seems to think objects are alive, on how he was yelling at a camera to turn away.