Hello, this is how to use Animationpedia Wiki, this is how to write articles, it is hard at first but practice makes perfect.

  • Step 1. Create an account!
  • Step 2. (Very important) Read the rules. The rules are not that long, only seven short rules. Then practice by Correct this article.
  • Step 3. Research. Or skip this step if you are a creator of what you want to write about.
  • Step 4. Go to the search bar, (top right hand corner) and type in your subject, if there is no page about it, click add page!
  • Step 5. Click option number one, and name your topic.
  • Step 6. Use three apostrophes around a word to make it bold like this example or use the bold section at the top.
  • Step 7. Use two equal signs around your topic == example == (No spaces between the equal signs). To make a section.
  • Step 8. Use a * sign to make a bullet.
  • Step 8. Find the add a picture somewhere on the page, but if not there click add a picture at the top and when you publish click the red and post it.
  • Step 9. Start writing.
  • Step 10. If you use a Talk page, always sign your messages with four tildes (~) so someone can respond.
  • Step 11. (Back to writing) when you finish writing add a References section by doing the same thing in step 7 and number your references, if you are the creator, however, just post Creator as your reference.
  • Step 12. Put four [[]] around a word to make a link. Then it will look like this example if it is red, the page does not exist if it is blue it does, if it does not exist it will look like this exampled.
  • Step 13. Click Preview to look at your page. If you are satified click Publish.

There will be more steps added. For now review these steps and you will have a perfect article. Also try the Sandbox to practice, then someone will review it, then you can copy it into a real page!