A picture drawn by Herman Korny.

Herman Korny is a pseudonym (; False name) for the owner of Floppy98x42 channel. The real name is unknown. Korny is an animator most known for creating Pepper and Kad.

Starting animationEdit

Herman animated before Youtube on paper. Then in 2007 he animated using Clip book. He made many series before joining Youtube.

Joining YoutubeEdit

November 26 2008, Herman Korny joined Youtube, naming it Floppy98x42 after his Club Penguin account thumb|300px|right|This is a commercial for Floppy also named Floppy98x42. For the first few months, Korny was innactive. Then April 3 2009 his first video named "Funny randoms" was uploaded thumb|300px|right. After that the Floppy series was created. Funny randoms hit 102 views in only 2-3 weeks.

The Stick Figure arcadeEdit

(See The Stick Figure Arcade) After Floppy's insights were drooping, Korny made The Stick Figure Arcade. But that did not work as well as planned.

The Floppy98x42 DepressionEdit

(See The Floppy98x42 Depression) After the 11th video on Floppy98x42, Floppy98x42 fell into its first depression where the insights were at their lowest. For a few weeks the insights were starting to rise up again, but Funny Randoms; the first video, was the most viewed video of the channel. During the second depression the insights were even lower than the first. Towards the end videos were posted about leaving Youtube. But two days after the "I ran out of ideas to make videos" video, the depression ended. The main cause was Club Penguin videos started to be harder to find on Youtube and decreased in popularity, causing the insights to lower and making it harder to find the channel. The Stick Figure Arcade was ended during the depression.

After the DepressionEdit

After the Depression was over, more animations were created and increased in views. A variety of videos were made. Floppy episodes were not made as much, due to the many changes Club Penguin has had.

Floppy endsEdit

Herman Korny ended Floppy after episode "Mc Duckalds Day". Due to the changes Club Penguin had made. The main place where a lot of the episodes took place was a mysterious mine, that the outside was a water pump. Many videos were recorded there, but then Club Penguin changed the mine into a garden, and the recording area where the videos were filmed was covered in dirt and sheds. Also since Club Penguin has a membership policy, only members may buy clothing items, furniture items etc. Club Penguin changed the policy and then "non-members" could only play a few levels of the games Club Penguin had. Which limited the use of recording Floppy playing a game as part of the video. Also rooms were limited to member access only. Soon Herman Korny had most of his ideas wiped out by the changes. But the series is said to come back.

Pepper and KadEdit

September 16 2010 Pepper and Kad was created. thumb|300px|right|One episode of Pepper and KadThe series is still made.


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