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Before questionsEdit

Please read this. The Help Center is only open (which means responsive) at around 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, so it is best to write your question at night and get a response in the morning.


Question: How do I use Animationpedia Wiki?

Answer: First read the rules by clicking the blue link, then afterwards read How to use Animationpedia.

Question: How do I make a good article on Animationpedia Wiki?

Answer: Try watching the whole series, write about the characters you see, write about the exposition statement (How the series starts out; what the characters do in the beginning of the series, or movie.) Then write about the intro or the theme song, when done write about who you recommend to watch the series, only facts though.

Question: I found a great animation on the internet but I don't know much about it, what do I do?

Answer: Try contacting the creator, ask them about it, include what they said as a reference. Or perhaps look it up. If nothing, contacting would work, or watch the animation closely.

Question: I made the animation/movie I want to write about, is it okay to write about it?

Answer: Yes! Write about it, just read the rules and How to use Animationpedia. Also include in the reference section write creator.

Question: Do I need a reference for my article(s)?

Answer: Yes, it really helps the readers to make sure the article is true. Read rules.

Question: What if someone lies and says they are the creator but they are not?

Answer: Someone would ask the writer where their animation/movie is on the internet and then contact the user name of the person who made the video.

Question: What if something false is written about a video?

Answer: Someone would contact the creator of the video to read the article, if there is a problem about it they would read the Animationpedia Wiki homepage then rules. If something is violated The problem would be fixed. Here is an example: Pretend that there is an animation that has a character named Bob who is a male, but if the writer put female, it would not be true and this would happen: "Bob: Gender female male"

Question: Will my article be deleted if it is not important at all?

Answer: No, your article will not be deleted. You can use Animationpedia Wiki to promote it (suggested to only write information about it so readers get an idea of what the animation is). However, if you write an article that is not important here, do not copy and paste, or re-write it on Wikipedia or it may be deleted there. Your article is welcome here.

Question: What if I think that an article is not true about the video.

Answer: You can go and interview the creator of the article.

Question: What happens if I accidently break a rule?

Answer: If it is an accident just relax, you won't need to ever leave if it is an accident, you can either fix it right away, or I will tell you to fix it, or do so myself.

Question: What happens if I ever am asked to leave?

Answer: IF you really did something that bad, you will have to leave for 1 month until the penalty is erased. You also need to get special permission to come back. But there is a very different story if you leave for good.

Question: Well what happens if I have to leave for good?

Answer: You cannot come back ever, well you can, but you will be blocked so you can't create or edit anymore articles, UNLESS you somehow get permission.

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