Name: Ghost Gender: Male Species: Ghost

Ghost is a character in Pepper and Kad, he made a cameo in episode "Halloween". He then made a debut with speaking in episode "Into Town" as a movie star. He seems to be a jerk. He says to Mr. Swears-A-Lot "Step on it jeeves! I'm Losing my mullet!". He also says to Pepper "You should know that, FOO!" He talks with a high quivery voice. Ghost is also sneaky on how he stole Pepper and Kad's Cheezios. He is voiced by Herman Korny. Like most characters. He seems to like to exersise on how when Kad called him he was jogging. His telephone is a candle. He can go through walls. Not much is known about him. No one knows if he was born a ghost or died. He always flies up and down, he can also turn invisble and untouchable, he can hold objects without grabbing them.


Ghost is just an average ghost, he is not very transparent, he can be touched, as shown in one episode he got a mullet, which forms back into his head. He has black round eyes and a mouth that is just a fat jagged line.


He has been mistaken as female because of his high voice, and his desire to be "pretty".


  • He has many similarites to Carrie in The Amazing World Of Gumball despite being made 8 months before.
  • He is also similar to High Five Ghost in Regular Show.
  • His voice is edited on Audacity.
  • Ghost likes to scare people, on how often he pops out and freaks people out.