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Floppy98x42's cheats is a blog about Clubpenguin cheats, suprisingly, it rarely talks about that. The blog was made March 2009. It gave brief decriptions of hidden items. But it mostly told funny and random stories. Then suddenly in April 2009, it stopped, probably because of a death in April. Then two years later on April 11 2011, there was a post saying that the blog will come back. That never happened, but a few months later in the Fall, it came back and is currently going on. The blog now talks about news going on Youtube, Clubpenguin, DeviantArt, and Animationpedia. Some articles has a "Creative Ideas" section where it tells how to make simple things, mostly of using paper to build crafts, but not using Oragami, or anything complicated. It then has the comic "Travis Works Too Hard" that has only one frame and is about the character Travis and what he thinks about work.Click here to go to the blog.