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Floppy98x42 is a channel on Youtube, most known for creating Pepper and Kad, and Penguins. Floppy98x42 joined November 26 2008. The below features a breif summary of the series Floppy98x42 has made.


Floppy98x42 first created a series known as Floppy which started April 3 2009. The first video known as "Funny Randoms" was created. Floppy, which is about a penguin named Floppy98x42. Whom which lives on a snowy, small, and rural island named Club Penguin. The Floppy series ended August 8 2010 due to many changes to Club Penguin. The creator says "Club penguin became more advanced and was not 'as good' as it was before, the places where I would film, would be changed so I would have to change the topic because whatever I would film would be replaced with something 'high tech'." Thus, since Club Penguin has a "membership" policy where players have to pay in order to do certain things, Floppy's membership expired, and with more changes the main rooms where the filming would take place, would be off limits to whomever does not have a membership. The series is said to come back.

The Stick Figure Arcade/ Elite Stick Figure ArcadeEdit

(see The Stick Figure Arcade) The Stick Figure Arcade (Season one) and the Elite Stick Figure Arcade (Season two) is an animation series started in June 29 2009. Is short clips about Stick Figures (which in season one a lot of them are killed mostly by a gun). Stick Figure Arcades started out on an animation website named Clip Book. Which is an animation game on Cartoon Network. Then later at July 9 2009, the animation switched from Clip Book to Paint. Then August 14 2009 the animation switched to Pivot. Where the animation switched back to Paint after a while and was continued there. But later at August 10th 2010 (During season 2) The Elite Stick Figure Arcade ended quickly without any sign. Floppy98x42 had a crash and the insights were at its lowest. But later in March 17 2011, the series came back with episode 7, and was animated on DoInk. The series is back and still running.

Pepper and KadEdit

(See Pepper and Kad for the full description)

Pepper and Kad was started August 12 2010, and has two seasons. Pepper and Kad takes place in their home most of the time, where the background is almost always teal (their walls are painted teal). Pepper is the character who is a blue tiger, who likes to say random things, and do random things as well. Kad on the other hand is a bit more aware of the surroundings. They both are best friends who are known to hardly argue over their friendship. The series is still running.


(See Penguins full description)

Penguins is a series that started January 13th 2011. The series is about three penguins and their adventures. The main characters are Floppy, Floppy (Two Floppys) Lolypop, and Spyer.

Toby and TobiEdit

Toby and Tobi is a series that has not been created yet, but is planned to come out. The characters are Toby and Tobi. (Toby is a blue cat who has a brownish outline and Tobi is a light blue cat who has a yellow scarf and white spots below his neck.)

The Floppy98x42 DepressionEdit

(Click The Floppy98x42 Depression)


Floppy98x42 has accounts on various websites such as videos posted on Youtube and Updates written on Blogspot, and it one of the owners of Animationpedia to let others write about their own films and animations.


  • Floppy Films: Floppy Films is a group where the filming, audio, and editing is used.
  • Fever Studios: The group where the script is made, animations are made, and planning.
  • Floppy98x42: the Youtube channel where the videos are uploaded.


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