(Not to be confused with Floppy98x42)

Flippy98x42, or Harry Korny (false name) was a copier of Floppy98x42.


Flippy98x42 copied Floppy98x42 by using similar drawing style, and characters named Salt and Gad (Similar to Pepper and Kad). Flippy98x42 made a similar series called Salt and Gad, but had negative comments on the video uploaded. In the video, Salt asks Gad if they should kill Pepper and Kad, Gad responds "yes" and they go to find them. When the find them Pepper and Kad are saying "Durr durr we are dum" and they pull out guns and shoot Pepper and Kad, then burns their bodies.


Due to Flippy's behavior to Floppy98x42, supporters of Floppy posted negative comments many of them with swearing.


Flippy ended his negative behavior when he discovered that Floppy was his cousin. He says now that he knows how bad it was to copy and do bad things.


1. Flippy98x42 Youtube videos/comments.