Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy's appearance. Name: CottonCandy Gender: Female Species: Candy Kitten

CottonCandy is a character in Pepper and Kad that appears often, she is obessed with candy. She would do anything for candy, for example, In episode "Into Town" Ghost wanted a mullet for a haircut, she said that ghosts are harder, so it would cost more. But Ghost said he would give her a lolly pop if he got a mullet for free, and she said "deal". CottonCandy works at a Bee-Yuity, a makeover salon. CottonCandy's best friend is Miolet. CottonCandy also has a brother named Marshmallow (see below).


When CottonCandy was first announced, there has been major critisim. An issue happened with a friend of the creator, who had a character named CottonCandy Fluff, and had to rename Cotton Fluff. When CottonCandy was announced there was an argument, because someone there had a "Kirby" named that. One person said: "CottonCandy does not fit, because, why does she have swirls on her ears, why does she have a lolly pop, why does she have candy in her hair? She should be Candy." The reason why Candy would not work is because there already was a character named Candy. Kandy was suggested, but didn't happen. When the other character named Candy came up, it continued. They said: "Oh really? Why haven't we seen Candy before?" someone else said "Maybe he hasn't used it yet". But Candy is the rabbit that appears often. But CottonCandy's name stayed the same.


CottonCandy is a candy kitten, that is pink. She has a blue piece of candy in her hair that looks like a bow, she has a yellow curvy line on her hair. She has two Cotton Candy prints on her chest.


  • CottonCandy has had a huge arguement about "copying" even though only the names and genders were the same.
  • After the Critism she kept her name
  • CottonCandy is a Candy Kitten, and one of the only ones in the world.

Marshamallow CottonCandy's brotherEdit

Marshmallow is CottonCandy's brother, he has only one apperance, in which he gave Pepper and Kad the job of cleaning latrines. He is planned to make more apperances. He is CottonCandy's fraternal twin, he is the 1 of the two candy kittens in existence, his parents are unknown.

Name: Marshmallow Gender: Male Species: Candy Kitten


Marshmallow looks like CottonCandy but is blue, he has a white curvy line on his hair, he has two marshmallow prints on his chest, he has white swirls on his head. He has white candy on his head that looks like a bow.


  • Marshmallow was supposed to replace CottonCandy.
  • Marshmallow was supposed to be female.
  • He seems to be a manager on how he gave Pepper and Kad jobs.