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(See How to use Animationpedia) Animationpedia is a wiki for animations! It can be the most popular animation or the least popular all are welcome! Just include your references or it may be deleted. You may also write about your own animations too. Just include the references as the video, or descriptions. Or things where the animation can be researched. Make sure though, that if you write about an article only include facts. (Try not to use the words "I" "We" "Us" unless if you are using it as a quote) If you want you may want to practice editing by correcting this page. Correct this article. Go here for some important pages! Directions there is useful information. There is 33 pages

About Animationpedia Wiki

Animationpedia Wiki is a Wiki devoloped in 2011 for everyone to use to write about their own animations or films or someone's else's creations. Animationpedia has it's very own set of rules and penalties and for new users it's very own manuel called How to use Animationpedia and it's very own police station to report someone who is violating the rules called the Animationpedia Police Station it has it's own Directions for whoever is lost, and some practice for writing an article such as Correct this article and Sandbox. Animationpedia started out with the help desk which then upgraded to the help center shortly after creation. It also has a link to advertise so others can advertise their wiki's there but under very strict rules. If you are new to Wikia and need extra help, then go here Animationpedia Wiki:Community Portal. We suggest that you check out the community section at the top.

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Updates are the 2nd to last section. The recent activity is the last section, and if you need any more help contact the help center or go to the directions. Clicking the contents section will help out.


Animationpedia is for animations, films, stopmotion and other things involving some sort of movie. You may only write on Animationpedia in third person, or second person. Any article about animation is acceptable, please name your sources, or add a link to go to the webpage you found the animation or description of it. Everyone is welcome, any language is welcome. Please make an account and write about an awesome animation you found, or created. Instructions for an animation is accepted, but there may be rules for Wikia about that. Please enjoy!. Please read the Rules first. Animationpedia is supposed to be a fun place, but there is rules, if you ever see one broken, please report it to the Animationpedia Police Station so that whoever is doing something very wrong can get penalties.

What is Animationpedia?

Like the "Welcome To Animationpedia Wiki" at the top, AnimationPedia Wiki is for animations, movies, stopmotion, and anything similar, here is how to use Animation Pedia click this link in blue How to use Animationpedia but First Read the rules.

If you find inappropriate content

If you find something such as an author's opinion on an article just click the S at the top and do what is in this example: "'Pepper and Kad' Is the best animation in the world you should watch it." Or if there is something worse such as swearing, erase the sentence. If you did something like that, or want to know more about it read the rules.

Help center

If you have anything you need help with, click this blue link Help center for the FAQs. If your question is not answered there just write on ''Floppy98x42s'' talk page

Like a Topic?

If you like a topic so much and one article is not enough, and you do not want to make another Wiki, you can write all about your topics here, if you like a cartoon so much that you can't write one article, write as many as you want, (characters, places, etc). Link them together and then every reader can enjoy!


Advertising is not recommened, but is allowed. You have to read the rules or you may have some penalties which may get you banned. Please read the instructions, and write your advertisement side by side the next. Go to the Help center to ask a question. You can only advertise using this link: advertise if you advertise anywhere else, that would be breaking the rules.


The rules are updated and are strongly encouraged to go check it out.- September 21 2012, also this Wiki has been threatned to be deleted and we are doing our best to fix up this serious problem. September 23 2012- We have a new look! But nothing has really changed, just the new background, and the dark blue. I have also added some new features such as the ability to have live chats, and I have made it easier to post messages on other people's pages! You can also make your own polls. Have fun!

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